Staunton Community Unit School District No. 6

Staunton Community Unit School District No. 6

Faculty and Staff Email Addresses

**All staff email addresses are first initial of First name follwed by entire Last name

Unit Staff

Dan Cox Superintendent
Angie Abernathy Secretary/Cafeteria Coordinator
Jennifer Brooke Physical Education
Brian Coalson Technology Director
Brandon Ray Transportation Supervisor
Debra Costello Vocal Support
Brian Dustman Maintenance Director
Ginny Fleming Cafeteria Manager
Leslie Gusewelle Bookkeeper/Financial Coordinator
Brian Lotter Instrumental Music
Christina Lawrence Speech Therapist

Tabitha Miller

Librarian Aide
Karen Robertson Speech Therapist
Alisa Hughes Nurse
Trisha Steelman Payroll/HR Coordinator
Dan Stephens Art

High School

Brett Allen Principal
Ryan McGowen Assistant Principal
Lori Billings Secretary
Shelia Tingle Secretary
Katherine Baima Language Arts
Larry Caldieraro Industrial Arts
Kari Crask Mathematics
Karen Cress Guidance
Daniel Dulaney Mathematics
Zachary Ferguson PE
Brad Fulk Social Science
Erin Geringer Science
Tamra Johnston Special Ed/Resource
Jessica Larsen Language Arts
Matthew Larsen Spanish
Jeanne Lucykow Science
Bruce Malone Social Science
John Masinelli Business
Kyle McBrain PR & Driver's Education
Steve Moore Business, Social Science
Brian Munson PE/Health
B. J. Ogata Social Science
Troy Redfern Science, Athletic Director
Doug Schilling Agriculture
Stephanie Schwartz Mathematics
Steven Shor Family & Consumer Science
Tom Thiede Special Education
Pete Klein Aide
Leanne Heyen Aide
Linda Thomas Aide


Nancy Werden Principal
Ryan McGowen Assistant Principal
Sandy Cool Secretary
Stephanie Crosley Secretary
Sarah Kilpatrick Guidance Counselor/Social Worker
Angela Heim Kindergarten
Valene Carter Kindergarten
Leanne Brown Kindergarten
Kendra Elliott Kindergarten
Kara Schulte Grade 1
Sarah Miller Grade 1
Lauren DeCourcey Grade 1
Patricia Lenzen Grade 1
Suellen Goebel Grade 2
Victoria Thomason Grade 2
Kelli Caldieraro Grade 2
Edward Hirschl Grade 2
Rhonda Corby Grade 3
Dena Loeh Grade 3
Stacy Shelton Grade 3
Brianna Bohlen Grade 4
James Sharp Grade 4
Christy Klein Grade 4
Michelle Nungesser Grade 4
Sarah Best Grade 5
Tim Smiddy Grade 5
Jana Spickerman Grade 5
Andrea Hartley Jr. High
Tamara Grammer Jr. High
Mike Korte Jr. High
Janelle Davis Jr. High
Steve Eisenbarth Jr. High
Nicole Potthast Jr. High
Brett Tevini Jr. High
Sarah Schulte Jr. High
Elizabeth Thackrey Jr. High
John Kolesar Jr. High
Brenda Horn Pre-K
Rachel Lux Pre-K
Amanda Corey Resource
Gina Cruthis Resource
Bonnie Trettenero Resource
Denise Ondes Aide
Kathy Fox Aide
Jenny Newton Aide
Carissa McBride Aide
Corrie Rizzi Aide
Beth Sievers Aide
Brooke Dugger Aide
Donna Jarden Aide
Riley Canania Aide
Kim Masinelli Aide


Alison Storm Director
Kristen Korte Supervisor
Jenny Robison Secretary
Jennifer Huelsmann Social Worker
Liz Warner Psychologist
Angie Greene Speech Therapist
Katie Stone Jr. High
Jennifer Hailstone High School
Ally White Elementary
Clare Hammons Elementary/Jr. High
Mindy Beisner Aide
Sharon Cloud Aide
Linelle Lyerla Aide
Kendra Sigafoos Aide