Staunton Community Unit School District No. 6



Class of 2013 and Beyond

English – 4 credits (English I, II and III to include two writing intensive courses)
Math – 3 credits (To include at least 1 year of Algebra I and one year of a course that includes Geometry content)
Science – 2 credits
Social Studies – 2 credits (U.S. History + American Government + 1/2 additional credit)
Health – ½ credit
Driver’s Education – ½ credit
Consumer Education – ½ credit
Spanish, art, music, or vocational education – 1 credit
PE (enrollment required except during enrollment in health or driver’s education)
Electives to complete 23 credits

All graduates are required by law to pass a comprehensive test on the Declaration of Independence, the flag, the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Illinois. Early graduation will not be permitted.

Credit for band, chorus, and physical education shall be granted as follows: ½ credit per semester.  Students in Flag Corps will receive ¼ credit per semester.  Students will take a minimum of five subjects per year plus physical education as required by law and attend the equivalent of eight semesters.  Students taking only the minimum subjects each year will not meet the graduation requirements in a four year period.  Credit for a course will be earned by passing each semester.  Students should be aware of their credit standing at all times.  You may check your credits with the principal or guidance counselor.

Students from Staunton High School participating in a student exchange program will be evaluated on an individual basis as to their having met the graduation requirements.

Students MAY NOT take courses on an audit basis.

Seniors may, with the principal’s permission, take one academic course per semester from an outside accredited institution to earn credit toward graduation. Courses must be taken after regular school hours. Correspondence courses will not be allowed.

Students may drop a class and replace it with another in the first five (5) class days of the semester.  They may drop a class and replace it with study hall in the first ten (10) class days of the semester ONLY if they are not enrolled in another study hall for the same semester.

NOTE: ALL students are still subject to the following requirements in addition to those listed above: Physical Education, Driver Education, Health and Consumer Education (Grade 11-12).

*Physical Education -any junior or senior who meets the state requirements may request to be excused from physical education by having a waiver signed by his/her parent or guardian.  This waiver may be obtained from the high school office.


Physical Education Waiver Requirements

A student in grades 9-12, unless otherwise stated, may submit a written request to the building principal to be excused from physical education courses for the following reasons:

1.        Enrollment in a marching band program for credit;

2.        Ongoing participation in an interscholastic athletic program (student must be in the 11th or 12th grade);

3.        Enrollment in academic classes that are required for admission to an institution of higher learning (student must be in the 11th or 12th grade);