Staunton Community Unit School District No. 6

Staunton Community Unit School District No. 6

Traffic Info

To assure the safety of our students, parents are not to drive vehicles behind the school at any time.

Deneen Street (front of school) is a one-way street traveling North from Lafayette Street to Bunker Hill Road. In addition, a stop sign is present at the crosswalk used for the office entry by the bicycle racks. Vehicle traffic at the south parking lot (Community Room Entry) is limited to one-way movement.

Parents who transport children to school a re encouraged to bring them to the south parking lot entrance by the Community Room. Children may then walk through the building to the designated waiting areas. Parked vehicles should not be left by the community room entry.

Parents who choose to drop students at the front of the building should travel in the left lane. Parallel curb parking is available for safe student arrival to school.

There are six different crosswalks in front of our school district facilities.

Parked vehicles should only be parked at the parking blocks in the south parking lot.

Please travel with extreme caution to assure student safety.